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New shot-blast machines

Tatravagonka Bratstvo invested and modernized production line. Besides big shot-blasting chamber, with dimensions of 28m x 6m x 6m which is used for shot-blasting of freight wagons, the factory bought and installed the shot blasting chamber for wheel sets, as well as small flow shot-blasting machine.

Shot-blasting machine for wheel sets is „BLAST 27-16 RWHE“.

Small flow shot-blasting machine for metal plates and profiles is „PAP 20x5/4W1EM“. It can process the elements of a maximum width of 2 m and a height of 500 mm.

In this way, the factory has rationalized production capacity and achieved the better treatment of metal parts as well as time savings.

Except for the factory production processes, new shot blasting machines will be also used for the customers who require this type of service.