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Reconstruction of wagons of Hccrrs type

Tatravagonka Bratstvo has successfully completed, within the contracted delivery time, the reconstruction of Hccrrs type of wagons.

These wagons were designed/constructed in 1999 in Bratstvo a.d. and manufactured in South Korea in year 2000. Fifteen years after production, contract for reconstruction of 66 wagons (out of 300) was signed with Tatravagonka Bratstvo. Due to the newest demands of a present wagon holder,  some parts were completely replaced, some parts went through a serious modernization and adaptation to new types of cars that are now transported in these wagons, so finally the wagons got a completely new look. We also made the modernization of wagon interior lighting with LED lighting and applied the new solution of car protection from the self-movement.

We are very proud that our wagons are still in use and that there is still a high demand for them.